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NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Program Grants £3m to Nurses and Midwives for 16 Projects

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The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) Program has recently announced a significant investment in supporting nurses and midwives through a series of funded projects. This initiative, facilitated by the under-represented disciplines and specialisms highlight notice, has allocated £3 million to 16 projects aimed at fostering research led by nurses and midwives.

With a history of nurturing early-stage researchers, the Research for Patient Benefit program sought to elevate the participation of nurses and midwives in research funding applications. The response to the call for proposals was overwhelming, showcasing the eagerness of these communities to engage in research endeavors. This surge in interest reflects a broader encouragement for nurses and midwives to continue applying for regular RfPB funding calls, aligning with applicants from diverse backgrounds, including methodologists.

Professor Kevin Munro, Director of the Research for Patient Benefit Program, emphasized the importance of diversifying perspectives within the Research for Patient Benefit portfolio. He highlighted the disparity in the representation of nurses and midwives compared to other healthcare professionals in leading funded projects. The highlight notice aimed to address this gap by enriching the research landscape with projects developed from a variety of viewpoints while bolstering the careers of nurses and midwives in the early stages of their research journey.

Nursing and Midwifery Research: 16 New Projects to Enhance Patient Benefit

Echoing Munro’s sentiments, Professor Ruth Endacott, NIHR Director of Nursing and Midwifery, underscored the essential role of nurses and midwives in research leadership. Their unique expertise and perspectives are indispensable for shaping the future of healthcare research. Endacott expressed excitement about the enthusiastic response to the call for proposals, envisioning the transformative impact of research spearheaded by nurses and midwives.

The 16 funded projects cover a wide range of topics within nursing and midwifery, including end-of-life care, mental health interventions, sexual health assessment, and neonatal care. These projects aim to advance healthcare through various initiatives. For example, they focus on developing a safety planning toolkit for adults experiencing self-harm and suicidality, updating patient debriefing guidelines in mental health settings, and improving assessment and care for men with inflammatory bowel disease.

Other projects aim to enhance end-of-life decision-making and support in intensive care units, explore digital health interventions for children under five with sudden illness, and support pain management after breast cancer surgery through an online platform. Additional initiatives include designing a fatigue self-management program for intensive care survivors, creating digital tools for heart failure diagnosis, and developing training tools for midwives to manage tears during childbirth.

Patient Benefit

Innovative Nursing and Midwifery Projects to Enhance Patient Benefit and Care

Efforts focus on improving anal cancer care for people living with HIV, promoting patient independence through self-management of fluid drainage, establishing online peer support for family carers of dementia patients, and identifying pressure sore injuries in hospitalized children with darker skin tones. The projects also aim to understand the role of ambulance services in pregnancy and postnatal care, determine the bathing frequency for babies in neonatal care units to reduce infections, and examine patient self-monitoring for breast cancer survivors to enhance support.

These projects exemplify the breadth and depth of research led by nurses and midwives, addressing critical healthcare challenges and paving the way for innovative solutions. Through this funding initiative, the NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Program aims to empower nurses and midwives to drive meaningful change in healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

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Resource: The National Institute for Health Research, May 16, 2024

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