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Non-Medical Healthcare Gets a Boost: HTW and NIHR Partner on Evidence Generation

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Non-medical technologies are transforming the healthcare landscape, emerging alongside traditional medical interventions and creating a dynamic environment for patient care. However, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of these new technologies requires robust evidence. A recent national partnership between the Health Technology Wales (HTW) and the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) signifies a significant step towards strengthening evidence generation in this critical area.

HTW plays a vital role in assessing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of non-medicine health and care technologies in Wales. Their team meticulously analyzes existing evidence on these technologies, compiling the findings into Evidence Appraisal Reports (EARs). These reports then form the foundation for HTW’s national guidance recommendations, informing decisions about whether to adopt a particular technology within the Welsh healthcare system.

A crucial aspect of HTW’s work lies in identifying any gaps in available evidence during the assessment process. These gaps may involve the need for studies that compare the technology to standard treatment approaches or ones that investigate long-term outcomes. Previously, these research recommendations remained within the confines of HTW reports.

HTW and NIHR Partner to Advance Research in Non-Drug Healthcare Technologies

The new partnership with NIHR creates a bridge between evidence gaps identified by HTW and future research commissioning by NIHR. HTW will now share these critical research recommendations with NIHR, informing their decisions about allocating resources for high-quality studies on non-drug healthcare technologies. This collaborative approach ensures that future research directly addresses the most pressing questions identified during technology assessments.

NIHR, funded by the Department of Health and Social Care with investments from devolved administrations like Health and Care Research Wales, plays a central role in advancing health research across the UK. They work collaboratively with the NHS, universities, local governments, and patient communities to not only fund research initiatives but also ensure their practical application within the healthcare system.


HTW and NIHR Partnership Aims to Unlock Power of Non-Drug Healthcare Technologies

Professor Peter Groves, Chair of Health Technology Wales, emphasizes the significance of this partnership: “This partnership provides an important opportunity to better highlight gaps in the evidence that exists for the adoption and use of non-medicine health and care technologies.” He underscores the potential for this collaboration to accelerate the adoption of potentially life-changing technologies by healthcare providers.

Ultimately, this partnership represents a shared vision between HTW and NIHR: a commitment to generating high-quality evidence that ensures patients have access to safe and effective non-drug healthcare solutions. By bridging the gap between evidence gaps and research commissioning, this collaborative effort paves the way for a future where non-drug healthcare technologies can reach their full potential in improving patient outcomes.


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Resource: Health Technology Wales, June 03, 2024

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