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Optical Blood Pressure Measurement Technology by Aktiia Secures CE Mark for Calibration-Free Use

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Optical blood pressure (BP) measuring technology from the Swiss company Aktiia has achieved a significant milestone by securing CE marking, eliminating the need for calibration via a traditional cuff. This advancement opens the door for integration into commercial smartwatches and smartphones, positioning Aktiia at the forefront of innovation in the BP monitoring and management space.

Aktiia first gained attention three years ago when it received a CE mark for its continuous BP monitoring device worn on the wrist. This bracelet uses photoplethysmography (PPG) to analyze the changing diameter of the arteries with each heartbeat. Despite its innovative approach, the device had a notable limitation: it required monthly calibration using a cuff. This necessity for periodic calibration posed a challenge for users seeking seamless, hassle-free BP monitoring.

The latest CE mark for Aktiia addresses this limitation with its new technology called Calfree. Calfree employs optical sensors that can be integrated into smartwatches or housed in the cameras of smartphones, eliminating the need for traditional cuff calibration. This breakthrough represents a significant leap forward in making blood pressure monitoring more accessible and convenient for users.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Innovations Propel Wearable Tech Market to $290.6 Billion by 2030

The wearable tech market is expected to be worth $290.6 billion by 2030, according to analysis by GlobalData. This substantial market potential highlights the importance of Aktiia’s innovation in expanding the capabilities of wearable devices. By integrating Calfree technology into various third-party devices, Aktiia aims to provide a more convenient and user-friendly way for patients with hypertension to manage their blood pressure.

Hypertension, a condition that significantly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, affects a large and growing population. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the number of people with hypertension will reach 1.5 billion by 2025, up from 1.3 billion in 2019. Aktiia’s CEO, Dr. Jay Shah, emphasized the impact of their technology: “By harnessing the power of our vast and rich dataset, predictive, precision blood pressure care can be delivered on the scale required for impactful blood pressure management.”

The market for blood pressure monitoring devices is evolving rapidly, with various technologies emerging to meet the demand for accurate and convenient measurement tools. Omron’s HeartGuide, for instance, uses a miniaturized inflatable cuff within a wristwatch to measure blood pressure. Historically, cuffs have been considered the gold standard for accuracy, but advancements in optical technology have significantly narrowed the gap.

Blood Pressure

Aktiia’s Calfree Tech Revolutionizes Blood Pressure Monitoring with Seamless Integration into Wearables

In the US, LiveMetric has developed a watch-like blood pressure measuring device called LiveOne, which uses a sensor array to produce a pressure waveform from the radial artery. This data is then analyzed by algorithms to provide accurate blood pressure readings. LiveOne was cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2022 and also holds a CE mark in Europe. Aktiia’s Calfree technology stands out because it leverages the capabilities of optical sensors commonly found in smartwatches and smartphone cameras, making it a versatile and scalable solution. This approach not only simplifies the process for users but also integrates seamlessly into devices that many people already use daily.

The convenience of Aktiia’s calibration-free technology could transform how people monitor their blood pressure, especially those with hypertension who require regular monitoring. The ability to continuously and accurately measure BP without the need for cumbersome cuffs can lead to better patient adherence and more effective hypertension management.

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In summary, Aktiia’s CE mark for its calibration-free optical blood pressure measurement technology represents a significant advancement in the field of wearable health tech. By enabling integration into widely used devices like smartwatches and smartphones, Aktiia is poised to revolutionize how blood pressure is monitored and managed. This innovation not only enhances user convenience but also has the potential to improve health outcomes for millions of people worldwide, addressing a critical need in the growing market for wearable health technologies.


Resource: Aktiia, June 12, 2024

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