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Oral Adverse Events Post-COVID-19 Vaccination: A Systematic Review

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In the ongoing battle against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its variants, COVID-19 vaccines have become a crucial tool to curb the pandemic. However, as with any medical intervention, adverse events have been reported. This systematic review delves into the specific oral adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination, providing insights into the prevalence, demographic factors, and potential causes behind these occurrences.

Research Methodology

A meticulous search across five databases was conducted to collate data from case reports, case series, and observational studies that detailed oral lesions or adverse effects post-COVID-19 vaccination. The studies included were assessed for quality using the Joanna Briggs Institute Critical Appraisal tools. From the reported diagnoses, a working classification of oral adverse events was developed.

Findings and Analysis

The review encapsulated 18 individual cases, with a notable prevalence of oral lesions following the BNT162b2 vaccine. The average age of affected individuals was approximately 59.94 years. A significant finding was that 67% of the individuals experiencing these adverse events were female, and hypertension emerged as the most common co-existing condition.

Immune-mediated oral events appear to have a higher likelihood of occurrence post-COVID-19 vaccination. The mRNA-based vaccines, in particular, seem to have a propensity to induce these oral adverse effects, potentially due to immune dysregulation triggered by the vaccine.

This information underscores the importance of monitoring oral health, especially in females, older adults, and those with underlying health conditions like hypertension post-vaccination.

User-Usable Inferences

  • Oral lesions are more likely to occur in females and individuals over the age of 59 following BNT162b2 vaccination.
  • Hypertension is a prevalent comorbidity among individuals experiencing oral adverse events post-vaccination.
  • mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines may have an increased association with immune-mediated oral events.

In conclusion, the systematic review highlights that the female geriatric population and older individuals with comorbidities have a heightened risk of developing oral lesions following COVID-19 vaccination. This necessitates a closer examination and monitoring of oral health in these demographics post-vaccination to better manage and mitigate these adverse events.

Original Article: Evid Based Dent. 2024 May 16. doi: 10.1038/s41432-024-01014-6. Online ahead of print. PMID: 38755446 | DOI: 10.1038/s41432-024-01014-6

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