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Orthodontic Care Revolutionized by FDA Approval of DentalMonitoring’s AI-Powered Solution

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Orthodontic care receives a significant boost with the recent De Novo approval granted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for DentalMonitoring’s AI-powered remote orthodontic monitoring solution. This authorization enables orthodontists to leverage DentalMonitoring’s medical device software to elevate clinical care standards.

Utilizing advanced image processing algorithms, the DentalMonitoring software evaluates oral cavity images captured using the DM App, a smartphone, and the manufacturer’s hardware products. Designed to assist healthcare professionals in remotely tracking dental and orthodontic treatments, oral health, and treatment progress, this solution offers a comprehensive approach to patient care.

Tailored for patients above the age of six with a focus on permanent teeth, the DentalMonitoring software serves as a diagnostic aid rather than a standalone clinical decision-making tool. It provides orthodontists with valuable insights into treatment progress, enhancing their ability to monitor and adjust treatment plans as needed. Philippe Salah, CEO and co-founder of DentalMonitoring, emphasized the significance of FDA approval, stating that it marks the beginning of a new era in orthodontics. The technology offers orthodontists an additional layer of information beyond traditional follow-up appointments, ensuring patient adherence to treatment protocols.

DentalMonitoring’s AI Innovations Enhance Orthodontic Care with Automated Notifications and ScanAssist

One key feature of the DentalMonitoring software is its automated notifications and in-app communication capabilities, facilitating improved patient engagement and communication between healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers. This enhanced communication streamlines the treatment process and fosters a collaborative approach to orthodontic care. Additionally, DentalMonitoring introduces SmartSTL to its orthodontist customers in North America, enabling doctors to request updated STL files directly from the DentalMonitoring dashboard. This innovative feature eliminates the need for patients to return to the office for additional scans, enhancing convenience and efficiency in treatment management.

Introduced last year, ScanAssist represents a groundbreaking innovation in orthodontic care from DentalMonitoring. This AI-guided scan for orthodontics is specifically designed to revolutionize the patient experience during scans, offering a seamless and engaging process that enhances the overall orthodontic treatment journey. At the core of ScanAssist is its intuitive interface, which aims to alleviate any discomfort or apprehension patients may have during the scanning process. By incorporating elements of gamification and interactivity, ScanAssist transforms what could be perceived as a clinical procedure into an enjoyable and engaging activity for patients of all ages.

Through its user-friendly interface, ScanAssist guides patients step-by-step through the scanning process, providing clear instructions and feedback along the way. This ensures that patients feel confident and informed throughout the procedure, ultimately leading to more accurate and reliable scan results. One of the key advantages of ScanAssist is its ability to streamline the scanning process, reducing the time and effort required for both patients and orthodontic staff. By automating certain aspects of the scanning procedure and guiding patients through each step, ScanAssist minimizes the likelihood of errors or inconsistencies, resulting in more precise and reliable scan data.

Orthodontic Care

ScanAssist Enhances Orthodontic Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction with FDA-Approved Technology

ScanAssist serves as a valuable tool for orthodontists, enabling them to efficiently collect the necessary scan data without relying on manual intervention. This not only saves time and resources but also allows orthodontists to focus their attention on other aspects of patient care, ultimately improving overall practice efficiency. Beyond its practical benefits, ScanAssist also plays a crucial role in enhancing patient satisfaction and engagement. By providing patients with a positive and interactive scanning experience, ScanAssist fosters a sense of empowerment and involvement in their treatment process. This, in turn, can lead to increased patient compliance and better treatment outcomes over the long term.

In summary, ScanAssist represents a significant advancement in orthodontic technology, offering a novel solution to improve the patient experience during scans. With its user-friendly interface, streamlined process, and positive impact on patient satisfaction, ScanAssist is poised to become an essential tool in the orthodontic practice, further enhancing the quality of care provided to patients.

In conclusion, the FDA approval of DentalMonitoring’s remote orthodontic monitoring solution signifies a significant step forward in orthodontic care. With its advanced technology and innovative features, DentalMonitoring empowers orthodontists to deliver personalized and efficient treatment while ensuring patient convenience and engagement throughout the treatment journey.

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Resource: Business Wire, May 20, 2024

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