Monday, July 15, 2024

Oxford BioDynamics Receives Unique PLA Code for EpiSwitch® Prostate Screening Test

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Oxford BioDynamics PLC has received a unique Proprietary Laboratory Analysis Code (PLA Code) from the American Medical Association’s CPT Editorial Board for its EpiSwitch® Prostate Screening (PSE) test. This code, 0433U, enables standardized billing for the PSE test across all US healthcare providers, which simplifies the reimbursement process and amplifies patient access.

Until the unique code becomes active on January 1, 2024, Oxford BioDynamics PLC plans to utilize a high-complexity molecular testing code for reimbursement. The company’s management views this as an indication of the significance that payor groups attach to the PSE as a vital screening instrument, offering benefits to both patients and the medical industry.

The PSE test, which was launched in September 2021 and boasts a 94% accuracy rate, is available for prostate cancer screening to men in the UK and the US. The acquisition of the unique PLA code by Oxford BioDynamics PLC is anticipated to increase the accessibility and utilization of the PSE test, leading to more effective and early detection of prostate cancer.

The introduction of the unique PLA code is also expected to streamline the administrative processes associated with the use of the PSE test. By standardizing the billing process across all US healthcare providers, it reduces the complexity and time associated with the reimbursement process.

This move not only represents a significant milestone for Oxford BioDynamics PLC but also underscores the importance of innovative diagnostic tools in healthcare. It highlights the commitment of key stakeholders in the healthcare sector, such as the American Medical Association, to support the integration of such technologies into mainstream healthcare practices.

In the future, similar initiatives that facilitate the integration of advanced diagnostic tools into healthcare systems could be expected. Such efforts can contribute to better health outcomes by enabling the early detection and treatment of various diseases.

The assignment of the unique PLA code to Oxford BioDynamics PLC for its EpiSwitch® Prostate Screening test underlines the significance of this diagnostic tool in the healthcare sector. It simplifies the reimbursement process and increases patient access, potentially leading to the early detection of prostate cancer. This development also highlights the commitment of major healthcare stakeholders to incorporate innovative diagnostic tools into standard healthcare practices.

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