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Pediatric Cancer Care: IETS and Ministry of Health Update Clinical Practice Guidelines

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Pediatric cancer continues to be a pressing issue in Colombia, with 2,124 new cases reported in 2022 alone, according to data from the Global Cancer Observatory – Globocan. Among these cases, leukemias emerged as the most prevalent type of cancer, affecting 796 boys, girls, and adolescents across the country. Unfortunately, the impact of childhood cancer is starkly illustrated by the loss of 357 young lives, particularly in regions such as Atlántico, Huila, and Meta, where the burden of the disease is notably pronounced.

To address the challenges posed by childhood cancer and mitigate the associated mortality rates, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, in collaboration with the Institute for Health Technology Assessment (IETS), unveiled updates to four Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) on May 17. These guidelines aim to enhance the timely detection, treatment, and monitoring of pediatric cancers, specifically focusing on aqueous lymphoid leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, Hodgkin lymphoma, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Pioneering Pediatric Cancer Care: Strategies to Prevent Childhood Cancer-related Fatalities

Childhood cancer-related fatalities often stem from preventable causes such as delayed diagnoses, incorrect assessments, treatment toxicity, and treatment abandonment. Dr. Adriana Robayo, Executive Director of the IETS, emphasized the crucial role of ensuring timely diagnosis, accurate disease staging, and prompt treatment initiation. She stressed the significance of comprehensive strategies, including the implementation of updated Clinical Practice Guidelines, which encompass diagnostic interventions and contemporary, safe treatment regimens.

The need for guideline updates was underscored by the evolving nature of the disease, advancements in health technologies, and the imperative for standardized clinical practices. Dr. Kelly Estrada Orozco, technical manager of the IETS, outlined three primary rationales for guideline revisions. These include the dynamic clinical landscape, the advent of novel healthcare technologies, and the imperative for standardization across clinical practice. Since 2021, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, the IETS has spearheaded the process of revising the four childhood cancer guidelines, leveraging the latest evidence, an equity-centric approach, and engagement with key stakeholders to ensure alignment with population needs.

Pediatric Cancer

Pediatric Cancer Care Advancements: Unveiling Updated Guidelines for Improved Patient Outcomes

At the launch event, key stakeholders, including epidemiologists, scientific directors, and representatives from healthcare societies, presented the methodological frameworks, recommendations, and anticipated impact of the updated CPGs. These guidelines, rooted in systematic evidence reviews and comprehensive evaluations of healthcare options, serve as invaluable resources for healthcare providers, professionals, and patients alike. By facilitating informed decision-making and promoting optimal care pathways, the CPGs play a pivotal role in saving and enhancing the quality of life for countless children and adolescents affected by cancer each year.

The hybrid event also welcomed representatives from the Pan American Health Organization – World Health Organization (PAHO-WHO) and territorial entities, underscoring the collaborative efforts driving pediatric cancer care forward in Colombia. Furthermore, the invaluable insights shared by individuals such as Silvana Arbeláez, a caregiver and advocate for childhood cancer awareness, highlighted the indispensable role of civil society engagement in shaping healthcare policies and initiatives. Through collaborative endeavors and evidence-based interventions, Colombia endeavors to strengthen its pediatric cancer care landscape, offering hope and support to vulnerable young patients and their families.

Resource: The Institute for Health Technology Assessment, May 21, 2024

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