Tuesday, June 18, 2024

PET/CT Scanner Breakthrough: Siemens Unveils FDA-Approved Biograph Trinion

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Healthineers a Siemens company, unveiled its latest innovation, the Biograph Trinion PET/CT scanner, at the ongoing SNMMI annual meeting in Toronto, announcing that it has secured the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for applications in oncology, theranostics, cardiology, and neurology. According to Daniel Santolin, the global product marketing manager of Siemens Healthineers’ Molecular Imaging business, there is a surge in interest in PET/CT due to emerging clinical indications and new radiotracer developments entering the market, along with significant advancements in theranostics.

The newly developed scanner boasts an air-cooled, digital detector built on lutetium oxyorthosilicate crystal elements, enabling it to deliver high spatial resolution, ultrafast time-of-flight performance of 239 picoseconds, and enhanced sensitivity for detecting small lesions while ensuring rapid, low-dose scans. Santolin highlighted the unique performance of the system, achieved through its air-cooled, scalable design, which typically requires a water-cooled system in other market offerings to attain such high levels of stability.

High-Performance Air-Cooled PET/CT Scanner with Smart Power-Save Mode

Siemens Healthineers leveraged its expertise in achieving stability with water-cooled systems and applied it to the air-cooled technology of the Biograph Trinion PET/CT scanner, making it the most high-performance air-cooled system available. The installation process for the air-cooled system is streamlined, as it eliminates the need for a chiller, relying instead on the air conditioning within the room. Moreover, with the computer technology integrated inside the gantry itself, there is no requirement for a separate computer equipment room, leading to significant cost savings in terms of infrastructure.

Additionally, the system features a smart power-save mode that powers down the system overnight and automatically restarts it the next morning, potentially resulting in energy savings of up to 46% annually. The workflow of the system is powered by artificial intelligence and incorporates Siemens Healthineers’ myExam Companion intelligent user interface, which automates tasks and guides users through each step of the examination process.


Highlighting PET/CT Scanner Advances in Lesion Detection and Patient Experience at SNMMI Meeting

Dr. Russell Lynn Roberts from Rome Imaging Center in Georgia will discuss at the SNMMI annual meeting how the ultrafast time-of-flight technology enhances lesion detectability and its clinical impact on patient outcomes. The enhanced workflow enabled by the system allows for significant reductions in scan time, accommodating more patients throughout the day. Furthermore, the automated quality control feature saves approximately an hour each day, allowing for two additional patients to be scanned at the end of the day.

Patients also benefit from the system’s patient experience enhancements, such as the ability to choose from seven different mood lighting colors to illuminate the gantry during the examination, offering a more comfortable experience, especially for oncology patients dealing with various challenges. Both users and patients have expressed excitement about these features, underscoring the system’s potential to improve the overall imaging experience.


Resource: Siemens, June 09, 2024

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