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Pharmac Discusses Diabetes Management Procurement Progress and Future Plans

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Diabetes was the focal point of a recent online session hosted by Pharmac, shedding light on its procurement process for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices, insulin pumps, and insulin pump consumables. The session, aimed at shedding light on the funding proposal’s development and Pharmac’s subsequent steps, emphasized engagement with clinicians, consumers, and suppliers. Acknowledging the public’s eagerness for updates, Pharmac announced plans to provide answers to inquiries submitted during the session from June 10 onwards. Additionally, it outlined a forthcoming update scheduled for July 1, 2024, allowing stakeholders to stay informed about the progress.

The procurement process, initiated in February 2023 with Pharmac’s expression of interest in funding CGMs and exploring insulin pumps and consumable supply, has since progressed through several milestones. Despite the inherently variable nature of procurement timelines, Pharmac remains committed to transparent communication, updating stakeholders as developments unfold.

Pharmac’s Evaluation Process Emphasizes CGM and Insulin Pump Funding for Diabetes Management

Pharmac’s rigorous evaluation process involved multiple stages, including the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) and engagement with various stakeholders, such as clinical experts, consumer representatives, and government agencies. Notably, the evaluation considered technical specifications, clinical advice, and the potential impact on patient care.

Continuous glucose monitoring emerged as a focal point, with the Committee advocating its potential benefits for individuals with type 1 diabetes. The hybrid closed-loop system, combining CGMs with insulin pumps, garnered attention for its potential to revolutionize diabetes management. However, the Committee emphasized the importance of funding both CGMs and standalone insulin pumps to cater to diverse patient needs.

Insulin pump specifications were also scrutinized, with considerations including dosing variability and future research and development plans. Additionally, the Committee recommended a review of the current limit on insulin pump infusion sets and proposed streamlined access criteria to ensure equitable treatment.


Pharmac Emphasizes Support and Broader Applications for Diabetes Management Technologies

Pharmac’s advisory committees highlighted the importance of comprehensive support, including face-to-face and online resources, particularly during transitions between different insulin pump brands. They also emphasized the need for targeted assistance for indigenous communities and other vulnerable populations.

While the focus remains primarily on type 1 diabetes, the potential applications of CGMs extend beyond this group. Discussions also touched on the potential utility of CGMs in type 2 diabetes management, gestational diabetes, and other intensive care settings, reflecting a broadening scope for these technologies. Through collaboration with advisory committees and engagement with diverse stakeholders, Pharmac strives to navigate the complexities of diabetes management, ensuring equitable access to cutting-edge solutions for all New Zealanders.


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Resource: Pharmac, June 07, 2024

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