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Public Acute Hospitals’ Monitoring Inspection Reports Released on October 17, 2023

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The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) released five inspection reports assessing compliance with the National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare. These inspections were conducted between March and May 2023 at five public acute hospitals, including Mercy University Hospital, St James’s Hospital in Dublin, Portiuncula University Hospital, South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital, and Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise. The reports provide in-depth insights into the findings at each hospital, emphasizing HIQA’s ongoing commitment to working closely with these services to ensure adherence to healthcare regulations and standards.

  1. Mercy University Hospital (9 March 2023):
    • Partial compliance with two standards.
    • Non-compliance with two standards.
    • Inadequate patient flow management and concerns about patient safety due to overcrowding.
  2. St James’s Hospital (29 March 2023):
    • Partial compliance with all four standards.
    • Challenges in patient flow and bed capacity.
    • High number of delayed transfers and lengthy patient experience times.
  3. Portiuncula University Hospital (9-10 May 2023):
    • Compliant or substantially compliant with nine standards.
    • Partial compliance with four standards.
    • Non-compliance with one standard.
    • Capacity challenges and poor patient flow, especially for inpatient beds.
  4. South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital (25-26 April 2023):
    • Compliant with one standard.
    • Substantially compliant with eight standards.
    • Partial compliance with two standards.
    • Need for improvement in staff recruitment and addressing environmental issues.
  5. Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise (4-5 April 2023):
    • Compliant with two standards.
    • Substantially compliant with five standards.
    • Partial compliance with four standards.
    • Formalized governance arrangements but areas for improvement in oversight and staff recruitment.

In general, the hospitals faced challenges related to patient flow, capacity, and staffing. Some showed strong efforts to improve healthcare quality and safety, but further improvements were needed in areas such as staff recruitment, training, and environmental issues.

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