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Real-World Data Integration: Clarivate and HealthWise Data Partner to Incorporate Social Determinants of Health

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Clarivate Plc has entered into a strategic partnership with HealthWise Data, aiming to integrate Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) into its Real-World Data (RWD) repository. This collaboration promises to offer detailed patient insights by linking clinical outcomes with essential SDoH factors, such as income, education, ethnicity, and lifestyle habits.

Integrating SDoH into Clarivate’s data repository is expected to provide a comprehensive view of patients as individuals. This holistic approach could facilitate targeted interventions that address specific health disparities. Bob Morrison, VP of RWD Data Strategy at Clarivate, highlights the significance of this collaboration in delivering connected data and transformative insights. By combining unique SDoH and consumer health scores with clinical data, the partnership aims to improve patient outcomes significantly.

Anne Smith, CEO of HealthWise Data, emphasizes the potential of this integration to enhance public health efforts. By offering a deeper understanding of social and environmental influences on health, the partnership aims to support precise public health interventions. It will help identify at-risk populations and promote early prevention measures, thereby improving overall health outcomes.

Real-World Data

Clarivate and HealthWise Data Integrate SDoH into Real-World Data

Integrating SDoH into health data can help:

  • Identify at-risk populations more effectively
  • Develop targeted interventions to address health disparities
  • Enhance public health strategies through precise data
  • Improve patient outcomes by understanding social and environmental factors

The collaboration between Clarivate and HealthWise Data underscores the growing importance of considering social determinants in healthcare. By integrating SDoH into their Real-World Data repository, they aim to provide a more holistic view of patient health. This comprehensive approach can lead to better-targeted interventions, ultimately resulting in improved health outcomes. As healthcare continues to evolve, such partnerships will likely play a crucial role in addressing health disparities and enhancing patient care. By focusing on social and environmental factors, healthcare providers can develop more effective strategies to support at-risk populations and promote early prevention measures.


Resource: Clarivate, May 31, 2024

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