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Revised Guidelines for Kidney Dialysis Treatment Reimbursement in Belgium

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The reimbursement system for dialysis treatment in Belgium operates under a specific agreement, known as the Convention, established between the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (INAMI-RIZIV) and chronic kidney failure centers.

This arrangement has been in place since 2018, aiming to ensure fair compensation and access to care for patients undergoing dialysis treatment. The most recent update to this Convention took effect on January 1, 2024, and remains valid until December 31, 2026.

Modalities, Rates, and Pseudo-nomenclature Codes Under the Convention

Under the Convention, reimbursement rates and terms are stipulated for both hospitals and medical practitioners, contingent on the type of dialysis treatment provided. The covered dialysis modalities include chronic hospital hemodialysis (utilizing hemofiltration/ultrafiltration), chronic home hemodialysis with self-care, chronic hemodialysis in a collective auto-dialysis center, chronic home peritoneal dialysis, and pediatric dialysis. Reimbursement for these services is facilitated through the use of Pseudo-nomenclature codes.

While the 2024 update to the Convention did not introduce significant alterations to the overarching reimbursement structure, it did incorporate the addition of four new Pseudo-nomenclature codes specifically aimed at patient education and training initiatives. These codes serve to inform and educate patients at various stages of their dialysis journey.

Dialysis Treatment

Enhancing Patient Support in Dialysis Treatment and Care

For instance, one such code, labeled 471111, pertains to the provision of information and training for new dialysis patients, while another, code 471133, focuses on educating and supporting home dialysis patients during their initial year of treatment. These additions underscore the ongoing efforts to enhance patient empowerment and support within the dialysis care framework.

Overall, the updated Convention for reimbursement of kidney dialysis in Belgium reflects a commitment to maintaining equitable access to high-quality dialysis services while also prioritizing patient education and empowerment initiatives. By integrating new codes aimed at informing and training patients, the healthcare system aims to further optimize the dialysis experience and outcomes for individuals undergoing treatment for chronic kidney failure.


Resource: Med Tech Reimbursement Consulting, February 07, 2024

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