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Revitalizing European Clinical Trials: A Path to Enhanced Patient Care and Global Leadership

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In the quest to catalyze healthcare innovation, it is crucial now more than ever to enhance patient lives and reestablish Europe’s prominence as a hub for clinical trials. Clinical trials are essential as they provide patients with access to potentially revolutionary treatments that are not yet widely available. They are pivotal in advancing medical knowledge, improving patient care, and ultimately, saving lives. However, Europe’s rich scientific legacy in pioneering numerous breakthrough treatments is waning. From leading nearly half of the world’s new treatments 25 years ago, Europe now contributes to less than one in five.

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) is at the forefront, working diligently with stakeholders to reverse this declining trend. While it is positive that all regions of the world contribute to healthcare advancements, EFPIA’s vision is clear: to promote faster, smarter, and more patient-centric trials to increase Europe’s share of global clinical trials.

Challenges and Opportunities in Harmonizing Europe’s Clinical Trials Regulatory Environment

Several initiatives in recent years, such as the Clinical Trials Regulation (CTR) and the introduction of the Clinical Trial Information System (CTIS), have aimed to simplify and harmonize the regulatory environment for clinical trials in Europe. These efforts are steps in the right direction, yet complexities, rigidity, and a lack of pragmatism in clinical trial submissions and approvals still persist. In some countries, the timelines for regulatory and ethical approvals remain unacceptably long. The CTR’s primary goal is to harmonize the framework for conducting clinical trials across Europe; however, conflicting application requirements across countries still exist.

A regulatory system that ensures safe and effective treatments reach patients swiftly is necessary. This requires a mature, well-functioning, and interoperable system that supports an integrated approach involving seamless stakeholder engagement. There are also opportunities for more dynamic interactions between regulators and sponsors during the later stages of the review process, which could expedite clarifications and decisions. To truly make a difference, comprehensive reforms that include simplified contractual clauses and harmonized rules for advanced therapies are essential. These reforms demand political will and collective action from all key stakeholders.

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Embracing Innovation and Enhancing Patient-Centric Approaches

Looking toward 2030 and beyond, it is vital to prepare for an ever-evolving and competitive global clinical environment. This preparation involves embracing diverse evidence sources, novel technologies, and approaches such as decentralized trial elements and digital health technologies. An open-minded, bold, and collaborative approach is crucial. Europe needs a platform that encourages open, timely, and continuous dialogue among multiple stakeholders.

Patient-centric clinical trials are the future, and EFPIA is dedicated to collaborating closely with patients to prioritize their needs and address their challenges. The first step is ensuring easy access to information about available clinical trials. Despite advances in technology, finding current, reliable, and accessible clinical trial information remains a challenge for patients, carers, and healthcare professionals. Simplifying access, especially for patients in smaller European countries or those with rare diseases, is crucial. This can be achieved by removing administrative barriers, facilitating cross-border trial participation, and ensuring patient experience data (PED) is considered in regulatory assessments.


Resource:European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, May 15, 2024

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