Monday, July 15, 2024

Sanofi Announces Initial Medication Deliveries from Global Health Unit’s Impact Brand Portfolio

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Sanofi has fulfilled its commitment to bring affordable and sustainable access to quality medicines to underserved populations by delivering the first medicines from its Global Health Unit’s not-for-profit Impact brand portfolio to the Republic of Djibouti.

Enoxaparin Sodium Impact, an anticoagulant medicine for the treatment of venous thromboembolism, including deep vein thrombosis, has been delivered. This disease is often underdiagnosed in Africa and can be life-threatening.

Sanofi’s Global Health Unit (GHU) has launched a global initiative to provide access to a range of essential medicines in 40 countries with high unmet medical needs. The GHU has introduced Impact, a unique not-for-profit brand offering 30 standard-of-care medicines, some of which are considered essential by the World Health Organization (WHO). These medicines cover various therapeutic areas, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, tuberculosis, malaria, and cancer.

The delivery of Enoxaparin Sodium Impact follows a partnership between Sanofi and the Republic of Djibouti’s Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale (CNSS), the national social security fund, aimed at improving the diagnosis and management of cardiometabolic diseases and diabetes. The partnership also focuses on providing accessible pricing for quality medicines, medical training, and capacity building.

Sanofi’s Global Health Unit has been working closely with local communities, authorities, and non-governmental organizations to set up and develop sustainable healthcare systems for patients with chronic diseases. This includes training healthcare professionals and raising awareness about the management of cardiometabolic diseases and diabetes. Over 1,800 healthcare professionals have been trained through GHU-sponsored programs worldwide. Tanzania is set to be the next country to receive an Impact brand medicine, Insulin Glargine Impact.

The World Health Organization estimates that more than half of the world’s population lacks coverage for essential health services, and non-communicable diseases are responsible for millions of deaths each year, with a significant impact on low- and middle-income countries. Sanofi’s initiative through the GHU seeks to address these challenges and improve healthcare access for underserved populations.

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