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Single-Dose HPV Vaccine Shows Promising Results

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The comprehensive effectiveness of the HPV vaccine is widely acknowledged. However, issues such as dosing adherence and limited budgets often lead to delays in its implementation in many countries. A potential solution to these challenges could be a one-dose vaccine, as suggested by multiple studies.

A systematic review and meta-analysis focused on the comparative effectiveness of the one-dose vaccine against two- and three-dose regimens. The investigation concentrated on clinical efficacy, encompassing the prevention of HPV16, HPV18, and hrHPV infections, HSIL or ASC-H incidence, and CIN2/3 incidence.

HPV Vaccine

Single-Dose HPV Vaccine: A Promising Alternative with Ongoing Research Needs

The analysis suggests that a single-dose HPV vaccine may offer effectiveness on par with two- or three-dose schedules. This conclusion is based on its ability to provide immunogenic protection for at least 8 years of follow-up, coupled with its capacity to reduce infections and pre-cancerous occurrences.

While these findings highlight the potential of the one-dose HPV vaccine, more research and longer study durations are necessary to establish robust evidence supporting this recommendation. Continued investigation will be crucial for informing future vaccination strategies.


Orijinal Article DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0290808

Original title: The clinical effectiveness of one-dose vaccination with an HPV vaccine: A meta-analysis of 902,368 vaccinated women

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