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Surveying Genomic Activities in Public and Private Accredited Institutions

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In the context of the Interinstitutional Coordination Table for Genomics in Public Health, the Italian National Agency for Regional Health Services (AGENAS), aligning with the strategic plan to innovate the Healthcare System through omic sciences, has successfully carried out its inaugural survey focused on genomic activities. This significant study canvassed a range of regions, incorporating data from both public and private facilities that have received accreditation. The survey is part of a broader initiative to integrate advanced genomic science into everyday public health strategies and medical practices, aiming to enhance the effectiveness and personalization of healthcare services provided across the nation.

This pioneering effort by AGENAS is set to establish a foundational understanding of the current state of genomic practices, identifying key areas for development and potential integration in future healthcare applications. The survey’s findings are expected to guide policy-making and the strategic planning of healthcare services, ensuring they align with cutting-edge scientific advancements and meet the evolving needs of the population. Through this survey, AGENAS aims to foster a more collaborative environment between public institutions and private entities in the realm of genomic medicine, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes through innovation and scientific discovery.

The fast-paced advancement of genomic technologies is carving out new frontiers in research and healthcare provision, facilitating the creation of personalized treatments. This survey aimed to map the organizational models at the regional level, geographic accessibility, volumes, types of genomic analyses performed, and the adoption of massive sequencing technologies (next-generation sequencing). The survey also supports the broader goal of enhancing practical applications of omic sciences within the National Health Service (NHS), aiming to improve the governance of genomic activities, promote networked organizations, and share regional experiences.

Genomic Activities

AGENAS Maps Genomic Activities Across Italian Healthcare Facilities

Based on the information received from the regions and autonomous provinces, as well as from various facilities, a navigable platform has been developed. This platform is divided into two sections: one concerning regional regulations on the organization of genomic activities and another on the activity data from the facilities. During the survey, 132 accredited public and private facilities participated, providing information about the number of samples analyzed using NGS technology during 2021-2022 on behalf of the NHS in various disciplines, including medical genetics, microbiology, pathological anatomy, and clinical pathology.

The data also included the number of laboratories conducting genomic analyses in each facility, the year each facility commenced its genomic activities, the types of examinations conducted, platforms used, service activities, biobanks, and bioinformatic analysis performed by the facilities. This initiative underscores AGENAS’s commitment to integrating genomic science into clinical practice, ensuring that Italy stays at the forefront of personalized medicine.


Resource: Agenzia Nazionale per i Servizi Sanitari Regionali, May 06, 2024

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