Sunday, April 14, 2024

Swoop Introduces Predictive AI Adherence Targeting to Proactively Tackle Medication Non-Adherence

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Swoop, a leading provider of custom audiences for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, has launched Predictive AI Adherence Targeting. This pioneering targeting methodology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict which patients and healthcare providers are prone to non-compliance with medication regimes in the upcoming 30 days. Non-adherence to medication regimes poses a significant challenge to the healthcare industry, costing it $500 billion annually.

The new technology from Swoop leverages de-identified patient data to proactively address patient non-adherence. It allows brands to engage with patients and their healthcare providers before the occurrence of non-adherence. By doing so, it aims to prevent non-compliance before it even happens, thereby potentially saving a significant amount of resources for the healthcare industry.

The methodology has shown impressive results. It has demonstrated accurate 91% – 94% prediction rates for different conditions such as type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and depression. These figures signify the potential effectiveness of the technology in accurately predicting non-adherence and subsequently preventing it.

With the help of this technology, brands can more effectively engage with patients and healthcare providers. They can provide timely interventions and reminders to ensure that patients stick to their medication regimes. This not only contributes to better health outcomes for the patients but also helps in reducing the financial burden on the healthcare industry caused by non-adherence.

The introduction of Predictive AI Adherence Targeting represents a significant leap in technological innovation within the healthcare industry. It highlights the increasing role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare management, particularly in medication adherence. It also underscores how technology can be leveraged to solve complex challenges within the healthcare sector.

The use of Predictive AI Adherence Targeting can play a crucial role in addressing the persistent problem of non-adherence. Enabling a proactive approach, not only improves patient outcomes but also significantly reduces the financial strain caused by non-adherence in the healthcare industry. Therefore, its application can have far-reaching impacts on healthcare management and delivery.

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