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Systematic Review Explores Cost-Effectiveness of Screening and Treatment for Hereditary Hemochromatosis

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Hereditary hemochromatosis (HH), an autosomal recessive disorder leading to iron overload and multiorgan failure, is the focus of a systematic review seeking to provide up-to-date evidence on the costs and cost-effectiveness of screening and treatment for this condition. The review includes data from a broad range of sources, including PubMed, Cochrane Library, National Health Service Economic Evaluation Database (NHSEED), Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Registry (CEA Registry), Health Technology Assessment Database (HTAD), Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD), and Econlit, up until April 2023.

The review incorporated articles that detailed cost-utility, cost-description, cost-minimization, cost-effectiveness, or cost-benefit analyses for any kind of management for HH, including drugs and screening. The included patients were those with HH, their siblings, or individuals suspected of having HH. All screening and treatment strategies were evaluated, with the quality of evidence related to screening (either phenotype or genotype screening) and treatment (phlebotomy and electrophoresis) being assessed by two authors.



Cost-Effectiveness of Hemochromatosis Screening and Treatment: A Systematic Review

A total of 39 papers were included in the study. The majority of these studies reported on the cost of phenotype screening, including transferrin saturation (TS), serum ferritin, and liver biopsy, as well as the cost of genotype screening (HFE screening, C282Y mutation). Only a few studies presented the cost of phlebotomy and erythrocytapheresis treatment.

The systematic review revealed that both phenotype and genotype screening were cost-effective compared to no screening. In terms of treatment, the study found that erythrocytapheresis could potentially be a cost-effective therapy when compared to phlebotomy.

The review concluded that more economic studies on the screening and treatment strategies for HH patients should be conducted globally. The authors suggested that cost-effectiveness studies on the role of deferasirox in HH should be carried out as an alternative therapy to phlebotomy.


Original Article DOI: 10.1007/s41669-023-00463-6

Original title: Health Economic Evaluations of Hemochromatosis Screening and Treatment: A Systematic Review

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