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The European Medicines Agency’s 2023 Report Unveils Breakthroughs in Medicine and Health Technology

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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) officially approved its annual report for the year 2023, marking a year of significant advancements and contributions to public health within the European Union. The agency gave its endorsement to 77 medicines intended for human use, with 39 of those featuring new active substances, showcasing the agency’s role in promoting innovation in healthcare. Additionally, 14 veterinary medicines received marketing authorization, indicating the European Medicines Agency’s comprehensive approach to health, spanning both human and animal care.

In the realm of strategic achievements, the 2023 annual report highlights EMA’s focus on three critical areas: the advancement of cancer treatments, enhancing the use of data to foster innovation in medicines, and a commitment to transparency and communication with the public. These areas underscore the agency’s dedication to tackling some of the most pressing health challenges while ensuring that advancements in medical science are accessible and understandable to the European populace. The agency anticipates the publication of this detailed report, which will include an interactive digital format, in May 2024, offering an in-depth look at its achievements and future directions.

The European Medicines Agency Spearheads Revolutionary Health Tech Regulation and Clinical Trial Transparency in the EU

A significant portion of the European Medicines Agency’s efforts has been directed toward the implementation of the new Health Technology Assessment Regulation (HTAR), which is a collaborative effort between the European Commission, EU Member States, and various stakeholders including industry professionals, healthcare providers, patients, and academic institutions. This regulation, which was officially enacted in January 2022, is set to revolutionize European cooperation on health technology assessment concerning medicinal products and medical devices. The European Medicines Agency, alongside the HTA secretariat, will play a pivotal role in this new framework through joint clinical assessments and the identification of emerging health technologies, with full application of the regulation beginning in January 2025.

The European Medicines Agency provided updates on the significant progress being made in the field of clinical trials within the EU. The agency praised the modernization efforts concerning the Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS), which aims to streamline and enhance the transparency of clinical trials. With a transition period concluding in January 2025, the agency emphasized the importance of timely submissions by sponsors to facilitate the authorization process efficiently.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA)

The European Medicines Agency Highlights Stakeholder Collaboration and Strategic Reforms in Upcoming Annual Report

Furthermore, the EMA’s report on stakeholder engagement activities for the years 2022 and 2023 was presented, showcasing the agency’s commitment to involving key groups in its initiatives. For the first time, the report consolidated activities with patient groups, healthcare professionals, academia, and trade organizations, highlighting the value of multi-stakeholder collaboration in addressing the challenges and opportunities in medicine regulation. The report, which includes discussions on the EU clinical trial initiative among other topics, is scheduled for publication in the second quarter.

The board endorsed the annual report on the EMA’s adherence to independence policies for its scientific committees and other members, highlighting the controls implemented in 2023 and recommendations for enhancements in the upcoming year. Additionally, preparations are underway for the implementation of a new fee regulation, set to commence on January 1, 2025. This new regulation aims to harmonize the existing fee systems, align fees with actual costs, and simplify the complex fee structure currently in place, with further discussions planned for the board’s June meeting.


Resource: European Medicines Agency, March 22, 2024

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