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Treatment Council Issues New Recommendations for Various Treatments

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The Treatment Council issued new recommendations for several medical treatments. These include the use of non-invasive ventilation at home for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for depression, and non-operative treatment for wrist fractures in patients over 65 years.

The Treatment Council completed its first evaluation on February 8, making a positive recommendation for the use of plaster in treating distal radius fractures (wrist fractures) in patients over 65 years old. This recommendation suggests that fewer invasive operations will be necessary in the future.

Michael Dall, chairman of the Treatment Council, stated, “This recommendation supports prioritizing health care efficiently. The evaluation shows that plaster is as effective as surgery for patients over 65. Additionally, plaster treatment is less resource-intensive, freeing up time for staff and operating rooms.”

Dall estimates that if approximately 1,000 operations can be replaced with plaster treatment annually, around nine million kroner could be saved each year. These savings could be reinvested in the healthcare system, alleviating resource constraints.

Evaluations of Home NIV and Internet-Based CBT

The Treatment Council also evaluated two major analyses resulting in new recommendations. The first recommendation supports the use of non-invasive ventilation in the home (home NIV) for treating COPD patients. This treatment improves daily life by increasing survival rates, enhancing quality of life, and extending the time to acute exacerbations that require hospitalization. It also boosts patient satisfaction and security.

The second recommendation pertains to guided, internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for adults with mild or moderate depression. The Council does not recommend extending the use of this therapy, as current studies do not conclusively show it to be as effective as traditional therapy with a doctor or psychologist. However, the existing offer should not be removed, as it provides additional treatment options and helps alleviate waiting lists.

Michael Dall commented, “We are pleased to make these recommendations and see their positive effects when implemented. Home NIV has shown to provide significant clinical benefits for COPD patients, while further investigation is needed for internet-based CBT.”

Treatment Council

Impact of Treatment Council Recommendations

The Treatment Council’s recommendations are based on thorough analyses conducted by established specialist committees. These committees consider patient perspectives, organizational implications, clinical effects, safety, and health economics to ensure comprehensive evaluations of the technologies.

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Dall emphasized the importance of evidence-based recommendations, stating, “Our recommendations are founded on solid professional knowledge and evidence from both patients and professionals. This ensures that the healthcare system can prioritize effectively and achieve better health outcomes for the resources invested.” The recommendations have been handed over to the Cross-Regional Forum, which will coordinate and support their implementation across regions.

The Treatment Council’s new recommendations mark significant steps forward in various medical treatments. The shift to non-operative treatment for wrist fractures in older patients, the support for home NIV for COPD, and the cautious approach to internet-based CBT for depression reflect a commitment to improving patient care through evidence-based decisions. These recommendations aim to optimize healthcare resources, enhance patient outcomes, and maintain high standards of medical practice.


Resource: Behandlingraadet, July 04, 2024

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