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Unlocking Healthcare Innovation: The Role of Open Innovation and External Stakeholders

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The resource crisis in healthcare innovation could potentially be mitigated by involving external stakeholders and resources in the delivery of healthcare services. The concepts of value and open innovation provide insights into the motivations of stakeholders to participate in the healthcare innovation ecosystem and the worth that such an ecosystem can bring to healthcare.

A systematic review of the literature following the PRISMA framework was used to achieve the research objectives. In total, 25 out of 509 articles published until 2021 were deemed relevant for this review.

The review identified six categories of actors, which include innovation intermediaries, a group often overlooked in healthcare innovation literature. Other actors identified include patients, healthcare providers, innovation suppliers, investors, and influencers. A distinction was also made between internal and external stakeholders.

Healthcare Innovation

Enhancing Patient Autonomy and Resource Engagement in Healthcare Innovation

The research demonstrates how open innovation projects contribute to the involvement of external stakeholders and resources in healthcare delivery. This involvement enhances patient autonomy, facilitates relationship building, promotes knowledge transfer, improves collaborative mindset and culture, advances know-how, and brings additional finances.

The study is the first to systematically describe the value of open innovation in healthcare. It challenges the positivist approach to the value presented by value-based healthcare, highlighting how openness can help address the resource crisis by involving new stakeholders and resources in the care delivery process.


Original Article DOI: 10.1108/JHOM-06-2023-0203

Original title: The role of open innovation in addressing resource constraints in healthcare: a systematic literature review

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