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Virtual Musculoskeletal Care Solutions Deliver Clinical and Economic Advantages

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In a recent study by the Peterson Health Technology Institute (PHTI), virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) care solutions, including RecoveryOne, have shown significant clinical and economic benefits. These solutions, which leverage technology and clinician involvement, offer a promising alternative to traditional in-person physical therapy, providing comparable improvements in patient pain and function. The study emphasizes the importance of integrating these solutions into medical benefits to enhance patient experiences and reduce overall healthcare costs.

The PHTI study evaluated eight virtual musculoskeletal care solutions, categorizing them based on their technology, clinician involvement, and integration with in-person care. Among these, physical therapist-guided solutions, like RecoveryOne, received the highest ratings. These solutions demonstrated improvements in patient pain and function that were on par with traditional in-person physical therapy. Additionally, they contributed to significant healthcare cost savings by reducing unnecessary spending and avoiding additional care.

RecoveryOne’s Virtual Musculoskeletal Solutions Approach Validated for Cost and Quality Benefits

RecoveryOne stands out due to its collaboration with health plans to improve member experiences and add value for payers. Unlike some other solutions that are part of wellness programs, RecoveryOne advocates for its integration into medical benefits. This approach, validated independently by the study, highlights the cost and quality benefits of RecoveryOne’s MSK care solutions.

CEO Mark Luck Olson of RecoveryOne underscores the independent validation of their solution’s impact on cost and quality of MSK care. PHTI’s findings support the broader adoption of virtual musculoskeletal solutions as a means to enhance access to care and reduce healthcare utilization and spending. The study suggests that healthcare providers consider incorporating these virtual solutions into their service offerings to achieve better patient outcomes and cost efficiency.

Virtual Musculoskeletal

Integrate Virtual Musculoskeletal Care: Proven Benefits for Patient Outcomes and Cost Reduction

Integrate virtual MSK care solutions into medical benefits for improved patient outcomes. Physical therapist-guided virtual solutions offer comparable results to in-person physical therapy. Virtual musculoskeletal care can significantly reduce healthcare costs by decreasing unnecessary spending. Collaboration with health plans enhances member experience and payer value. Independent validation supports the effectiveness and economic benefits of these solutions.

Virtual musculoskeletal care solutions, such as RecoveryOne, present a valuable opportunity for healthcare providers to improve patient care while controlling costs. The PHTI study offers compelling evidence that these solutions can deliver clinical outcomes comparable to traditional physical therapy. By advocating for their integration into medical benefits, RecoveryOne and similar solutions can ensure broader access and increased efficiency in healthcare delivery. Healthcare stakeholders should consider these findings to optimize care delivery and achieve sustainable cost reductions.


Resource: Peterson Health Technology Institute, June 05, 2024

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